More than just a plan

A cone-shaped grinding bit after drilling holes in PVC pipe.

The PVC Loom book contains a lot of details and recommendations for how to build the loom.  I’ve seen several plans for sale on eBay, but they are little more than diagrams with dimensions.  I have included a lot of suggestions that not only make construction easier, some of them also help keep costs down.

For example, the Action Board is attached to the PVC frame using 2 large 3/4″ dowels.  I found that 3/4″ drill bits are VERY expensive starting at about $15.00.  I thought that was a bit much for something you would only use to drill 4 holes.  So, I found another solution.

In the same section of the hardware store, I found a cone-shaped grinding bit.  They are used to sharpen other tools and to remove masonry and perform other “grinding” tasks.  I bought a 3/4″ cone-shaped grinding bit for about $5.00.  After drilling a pilot hole with a smaller drill bit, the cone-shaped grinding bit drilled out the hole to a full 3/4″ size.  I was amazed at how well this worked.  Here is a photo of me drilling one of the holes.

You can also see in the photo that the PVC Loom Frame is being used as it’s own workbench.  The frame tubes were dry-fitted together to make drilling the holes much easier.  This is just one of over 210 photos and diagrams to be found in the book.

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