Getting closer to Publication

Lots of little “stuff” to do before the book is published. I just got the ISBN number and bar code. But, I have to wait a week before I get the Library of Congress number.

I’ve been thinking of using the “Print on demand” service at Amazon, but I don’t know if they can print this book right.

I want the book to lay flat so it is easy to reference while you build the loom. That means a special kind of binding. I recently bought a couple of weaving pattern books that have a wire loop binding that allows the pages to lay flat. But, it is a real pain to browse through the book because the pages never line up at the edges. I have to individually lift each page with a thumb nail.

Another annoyance is that the wire loop bindings “SQUEAK” as you turn the pages. So, if anyone has a good recommendation for a book printing format, please let me know.


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