The Mannings Handweaving School Closes


Well, I made the drive out to the Mannings on Saturday.  Figured I should make one last visit to the place where I got my start in Weaving.  There wasn’t much left.  I bought 2 books.  A baby blanket book by Tom Knisley, and a very interesting book on Rural Pennsylvania German Weaving from 1833 to 1857.

Anyway, as you may have heard, Tom will be starting up his own Weaving School soon.  A majority of the looms left at the Mannings were scheduled to be moved to the new school sometime soon.

I bought my first loom from the Mannings back in 1981.  It was a LeClerc Inca jack loom.  4-shafts, 36 inches wide.  I still have it, although it was damaged a little in the flood we had a few years ago.  I plan to restore it someday.

I’d like to say, “Thanks!” to the owners and staff of the Mannings for keeping it going these past 30 years.  It was a quiet oasis of calm, history, craft, and sentiment.  Best of luck to Tom and the new school.



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