Soggy Warp Threads

Well, I may be a little off schedule. We got torrential downpours here in South East Pennsylvania last night. Our basement now has 2 inches of water everywhere. And, my little super-expensive 8-shaft wooden table loom was on the basement floor. It is now dripping dry on top of some boxes. I also have a floor loom standing in the water, but I don’t think I can do much about that right now.

I thought this was an excellent opportunity to say that using PVC pipe for a loom has many benefits. PVC pipe is waterproof and does not warp.

It’s funny, but my first PVC Loom prototype was in the basement, but sitting on top of some boxes. So, it didn’t even have a chance to get wet. I don’t know if there will be any lasting damage to my wooden, 8-shaft table loom, but I will probably loose the warp that was on it.

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