Taking time out to knit a baby blanket


I finally finished this entrelac-style baby blanket.  I’m now a GrandUncle, if there is such a thing.  My oldest niece had a baby – Liam – last June.  Since the February before that I have been knitting and knitting to get this completed.  I was able to have it almost complete for Liam’s first birthday, which we celebrated last Saturday.

I say almost complete because there is some sewing yet to do.  The blanket needs a backing and a satin border.  I’ll need to have someone do that for me since sewing is not one of my “fiber arts”.

So, apologies to my PVC Loom fans.  I’ve been a little preoccupied with this project.  Now I can focus on the many requests I have received concerning wider looms and 8-shaft versions.  Here are some photos.  Hope you like it.

BTW, this beautiful pattern is from the Nikki, In Stitches blog.   Thanks, Nikki! 

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