Breaking Down your PVC Loom

Many people have asked if the PVC Loom is portable and can fold or break apart for moving and storage.  The answer depends on how much of the loom frame is glued.

To allow the PVC Loom to break down for moving and storage, only glue the bottom frame sides as shown in this photo.

The frame side bottoms are the most critical for keeping the loom aligned correctly.  Gluing only these parts will allow the top and cross pieces to be removed.

If you only glue the parts shown, you should always check your loom before starting a weaving session to make sure it is square.  It only takes a moment, and you can use the edges of a desk or table to do so.

Don’t forget – never use PVC Pipe Cleaner or Cement indoors.  Use these products outside, or in a garage with the door wide open.


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