Is it difficult to build a PVC Loom?


You can go from tubes to complete frame in minutes.  The photo on the left shows the PVC frame tubes cut and ready to go.  It takes less than an hour to cut the tubes, sand/file the ends smooth, and dry-fit them together as shown in the photo on the right.

Almost looks like we are making a pipe organ.  PVC Pipe is soft and easy to cut using a hack saw.  The book has 158 pages loaded with photos and step-by-step instructions.  I have even included alternative instructions for more some of the operations.

For example – hanging the harness frames may be done using Texsolve loop cord, or masonry string.  And for the top slider bars, you can cut notches into the wooden slats, or use Velcro tab stops.

The goal is to get you up and running with your own loom quickly so you can start weaving.  I’d be happy to answer questions.  Please use our contact form.

Dave .

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