Printing the eBook

I’ve had several people contact me asking about printing the eBook version of the PVC Loom book. It’s actually quite easy to do using some really great free software.

Calibre is a free eBook Reader and Management software product. If you have a Nook, Kindle, or any other type of eBook reader – or if you just want to read eBooks on your PC or laptop, you need Calibre.

You can download and install Calibre using the link above. During the install process you will be asked to specify the type of eBook reader you have. I have a Nook, and after installation the Calibre software can connect to my Nook when I use the USB cable.

Printing eBooks:

If you have the PVC Loom book on an eBook reader like the Nook, you can use Calibre to copy the ePUB file from your reader to your PC or laptop. Once you have the file copied you can convert the format.

Printing is easiest from PDF format. One of the major benefits of the Calibre software is its file conversion capabilities. It can copy from, and write to, just about any file format out there. Select the PVC Loom book and save it as a PDF file.

Once you have a PDF version of the book, you can print using Adobe Acrobat, or even print from Calibre. Another option would be to take the PDF file to Kinko’s or Staples and have them print and bind the book for you. Or just print the pages you need to view while constructing the PVC Loom.

BTW – another great feature of Calibre is that its hooked in to dozens of eBook sources. If you are looking for a particular book – search for it using Calibre first! It will search sources from around the world. I had to “turn off” some of the search sources because they were in foreign languages.

Have fun!

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