Another New PVC Loom – with a twist . . .

Member jabberpaws over at ravelry has constructed a new PVC Loom with a very interesting modification.  Legs!  And, jet-black paint!  I think it looks great.  In operation, the base is held in place using your feet.  This is necessary since the PVC Loom is so lightweight.

When I use my PVC Loom, I place it on a card table I bought from Staples.  I stand to weave and use 2 techniques.  First, if I only have 1 or 2 harnesses to raise that are next to each other, I can steady the loom with one hand and grab the slider bar knobs with the other hand.  But, if I have to raise more than 2, or harnesses that are not together, then I use both hands to pull the slider bars and use my belly to steady the loom.  I suppose it’s good exercise.  😉



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